CLASS of 1972

A "Blast" from Class President Jon Northrop about the Class of 2022 50 Year
Affiliation Activities at USMA, August 2018

A short PowerPoint presentation on the vision for USMA 2035
As shown, the cup has our original E-3 "Dragon" logo with the "Grip Hands"
label along with the names of all of our 1972 E-3 classmates, including Chris
Kane (later of I-3) and the dearly departed (Ralph, Bobby and Puck).

There are thirty-two (32) current members of E-3 2022.  In addition to the cup, I
would really like to provide each of them the name and contact information for
one of us 72ers - a personal mentor/advisor that he or she can reach out to for
information on cadet life, Army life, life after the Army.......anything, really.

To that end, I would like to hear back from each of you regarding your
willingness to participate in the E-3 50 Year Affiliation Program.  Please click on
the following link to register your preference:


Once I know who is willing to participate, I will send them the list of the E-3
Class of 2022 showing name and home state.  If you see a particular
cadet/cadets that you would like to mentor, let me know.  If not, I will match you
up.  As there are more of them than us, some of us will be matched up with 2 of
the Class of 2022.  

Throughout the next 3+ years, we will work with the Class of 2022 and the E-3
cadet chain-of command to identify specific activities for which we can help.  
This will all lead up to a capstone event at the 50th.  I am looking forward to
your positive responses.
I hope 2019 is starting off as a GREAT year for all of you.  I just wanted to bring
you up-to-date on a few activities:


As you know, the current Plebe Class of 2022 is our 50 Year Affiliation class
(details here:  
https://www.westpointaog.org/50yearaffiliation).  In reflecting on
the program, I thought that if we could focus our affiliation efforts on the
Company, then E-3 2022 and E-3 1972 could both benefit from the more
personalized interaction.  That said, I reached out to the current E-3 Tac, CPT
Tom Correll, and he wholeheartedly endorsed such a "company-level" affiliation

On 02/08/209, Jim Barnes, Rolly Dessert, Bill Harlan and I had a video
conference with CDT Nicky Manitzas, the current E-3 Company Commander to
discuss the program and get the cadet leadership on board.  I think Jim, Rolly
and Bill would agree with me that CDT Manitzas is equally enthused and we can
count on her support.

To kick-off the E-3 1972/2022 Affiliation Program, I have designed and procured
the following mugs, which I intend to personally deliver to each member of E-3
2022 at a date TBD in March 2019.
Some new pics from the WWW just below.

Reminder:  photos that have previously appeared on the Home Page will take
up permanent residence on each classmate's individual personal page (see