CLASS of 1972
Also remember that any photos that have appeared on this home
page are relocated to the appropriate classmate pages (link
when the home page is updated.

The year is drawing to a close and the we are beginning to see a
light at the end of the COVID tunnel.  I hope you are all remaining
safe and healthy and prepared for a joyous (if different) holiday

Just a few things.

    1.  I received two (2) more E-3 mask photos: Lou C and Mike
Dee along with his grand daughter, Molly (see below).  I would
really like to get a pic of
everyone wearing the mask, so please
take a minute, snap a shot and email/text to me.  As the
president-elect might say....."C'mon, man!!!"  

    2.  Reminder that our next Virtual Grant Hall is scheduled for
Sunday, 20 Dec 2020 beginning at 7:00PM EST.  Details can be
found on the
Virtual Grant Hall page.  I will be sending out a
reminder a week in advance.

    3.  I participated in a web conference last evening at which time
Professor Led Klosky briefed class leaders, regimental and
company reps on the new USMA Cyber & Engineering Academic
Center (CEAC).  As you know, our 50th Reunion Class Gift is
directed to the CEAC - both "brick and mortar" and endowment
pieces.  The agenda for the meeting is
here; and the slides Dr.
Klosky presented are
here.  The entire one (1) hour presentation
was recorded, and when I get the link for that video, I will post it.

    4.  In addition to the CEAC presentation, Bill Britain provided a
coarse update on the status of the Class Gift giving/pledges.  
Simply stated, we (the class) are at 60% of the goal with
approximately 14 months remaining.  3rd Regiment lags behind
the other regiments (we are at 46% of our regimental goal); and E-3
is near the bottom of the regiment for meeting the company goal.  
I promised you that I would not continually bug you about giving,  
but I would be remiss of I did not once again urge you to consider
a generous gift.  You can offer a one-time gift; allocate a direct
deposit monthly gift; or set up a planned gift/bequest.  All options
are explained in ful on the USMA AOG web site.  E-3 has
been at the bottom of
any list, so please consider giving.
Don't forget the E-3 logo store!! (http://e3usma.qbstores.com)