CLASS of 1972

                                                         MINI-REUNION 2018
                                           SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

Time to start planning about our Mini-Reunion in 2018. Your Class of 1972 Mini Reunion Planning
Committee, and especially me, has enjoyed the break as Bobby Curran and the Alumni Association
has put together the upcoming 5 Year Reunion in September.

It often takes more than a year of advance planning for us to put together everything that goes into
our annual mini-reunion. There are exceptions like our first Mini-Reunion in Keystone where we were
able to piggy-back on the Class of 1971’s efforts the previous year. But as we get closer to the
timing of an event, the availability of rooms can diminish which often causes the room rates to go up.
We only need to look back at our Mini-Reunion in New Orleans to see that when our main hotel’s
reserved rooms became booked and we had to reserve additional rooms several blocks away.

Right now as we are a month out from our 45th Reunion, we are now ready to have you make your
reservations. As mentioned, we will be having our 46th Mini-Reunion starting Sunday, September 23,
2018 and leaving on Thursday, September 27th. The Reunion will be centered at the Omni Hotel on
the Riverwalk in San Antonio. We need everyone to make their reservations now so if we need to
lock up additional rooms, we can!

The Omni Hotel has set up a link for you to make your reservation and seemed to work pretty easy
for me whenI made my reservation:

The room rate is available several days before as well as several days after so if you would like to
extend you trip to spend more time with your company mates, you can. During my visit, I got to see
that there were balconies with 4 to 6 rooms all coming out looking out onto the Riverwalk that might
be reserved for an upgraded price. They also have upgraded rooms/suites available. To do that may
require you to speak directly with the Omni Hotels reservation line.

For RESERVATION inquiries, please call 888-444-6664

Thanks for getting your reservation in now, not 9 months from now. It really will help us.

Larry Aubrecht – Co Chairman