CLASS of 1972


The All Academy Challenge was a great success.  Although USMA lost to
USMMA by a whisker, the Class of 1972 led all other USMA classes in
percentage participation.  Thanks to all the E-3ers who contributed.

This year's Nashville Mini Reunion looks to be the most well attended of all
we have had since 2012.  There is still time to register.  Click
HERE for

Also, the results of the 2020 Mini Reunion Site Selection Survey are in , and
Park City, Utah has been chosen.  E-3 had the second highest response of
the 36 companies, trailing only A-1 (14 vs 13).  Thanks for voting!!
This year's Mini Reunion was held from 6-11 October 2019 in Nashville, TN.  
Over 100 of our classmates participated with a total attendance at the Dinner
Gala and Awards Banquet of 180!!!  

The E-3 contingent consisted of Chuck & Holly Coleman, Bill Harlan and Rolly
Dessert.  The Company Dinner on Tuesday was hosted by "Hoot" and Janet
Gibson, long time Nashville residents.

These mini reunions are held annually and moved around the country to allow
for "regional participation" by classmates ( previous reunions in Virginia,
Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee).  Next year's mini reunion will be held
in Park City, UT from 26-30 August 2020.  This will be a great opportunity for
our west coast (and other) E-3 classmates gather for a really great time.  I hope
we can get more E-3ers to attend.  Ask Rolly, Bill or Chuck - it is a GREAT time!

Some photos from Nashville below.
Great job E-3 in responding to the latest 50 Year Reunion Class
Gift survey.  We had the highest response (18) of any company in
the Corps.

Below are the results of the last survey.  The Class Gift Selection
Committee will use these results and the comments offered (see
here) to develop a recommendation to John Northrop and the
Class Executive Committee.
Our Class President, John Northrop, and the Executive Committee
have evaluated the recommendation made by the 50th Reunion
Gift Selection Committee, formulated an offer and presented  it to
AOG.  The offer has been accepted - so now we are "locked in"
and the real work begins.

here to see John's summary of activities leading up to the
selection, and our path forward between now and 2022.
If you haven't yet heard, this year's Mini Reunion in Park City, Utah
has been officially canceled due to COVID-19.  The current plan is
to hold it in Park City again next year at a date TBD.  Stay tuned as
more info is developed.
I participated (along with Rolly) in a class leadership call on 1/21/21.  One topic
of interest was the status of our Class Gift Fund for the 50th Reunion.  As of
now, the Class of 1972 is approximately $700K short of our goal of $3M toward
the gift which, as you know, will be in support of the Cyber Engineering
Academic Center (CEAC), construction for which has begun.  The goal is
achievable, but not without your support.  Please continue to consider
generous gifting to the Class of 1972 Gift Fund.
You can contribute directly to the gift fund at this link: