CLASS of 1972

Many thanks to all of you who have generously agreed to participate in the E-3
50 Year Affiliation program with the E-3 Class of 2022.  

The spreadsheet reflecting your Class of 2022 "assignments" (in green) can be

March 29, 2019 is the date that I will be going to Our Rockbound Highland
Home to kick-off the E-3 50 Year Affiliation program with presentation of the
custom cups (see below).  At that time I will also be letting each of the Class of
2022 know who his/her E-3 '72 "affiliate" is.  

I have also provided each of you with a basic "bio" form to complete ahead of
my meeting on 3/39.  Cadets are being asked to complete a similar bio form. If
you haven't yet completed the form please do so and get to me as soon as
possible, but NLT 3/15/19.  You can download the fillable PDF bio form
Remember to save after completing the form and then attach it to an email
back to
Chuck.  The E-3 Cadet Company Commander  has assured me she will
have all the Plebe bios to me by 3/8/19.  I will distribute as soon as I get them.

Lastly, of course, it would great to have any and all of you that can make it to
USMA on 3/29/19 participate in the kick-off with me.
A "Blast" from Class President Jon Northrop about the Class of 2022 50 Year
Affiliation Activities at USMA, August 2018

A short PowerPoint presentation on the vision for USMA 2035

UPDATE 11 MAY 2019
Here are individual photos of the E-3 Class of 2022.  Those of you '72ers who are
"Grip hands" sponsors can gaze upon your cadet(s) here.  Remember, if you
have not yet heard from your cadet, drop him/her an email - let each know that
you stand ready to help them in any way you can.

Lastly, the Pointer View (weekly West Point magazine) ran a nice article about our
E-3 50 Year Affiliation efforts.  If you haven't seen it, look
here (page 3).
Below is a presentation made at the E-3 End-of-Year Awards Banquet that our
Jim Barnes attended a couple of weeks ago.  As it scrolls, you will see the names
of several of the Class of 2022.  If those noted are "your" cadets, consider
reaching out to them with a virtual "high five!"  Once you start the video, you can
click on the icon in the lower right to expand the video to full screen.
Below is a video made form photos taken at the E-3 end-of-year awards banquet
that Jim Barnes attended several weeks ago.  Once you start the video, you can
click on the icon in the lower right to expand the video to full screen.  I hope you
see your Class of 2022 "affiliate" and enjoy the music that accompanies the pics.  
As I mentioned earlier, 2022 was genuinely excited when they saw our old
"dragon" logo.  I promised them that I would create an online store where
they could purchase items adorned with an embroidered "Classic" E-3 logo.

Well the store has been populated with several dozen items (clothing,
mostly) and is open for business - for 2022, 1972 and any E-3 alum who
might be interested.  More items will be added in the coming days.

Go to the following, click on "Embroidered Apparel" then "All Products.

Our 50 Year Affiliation Class of 2022 was presented with their
Class flag on 27 July 2019 at USMA.  Jim Barnes represented
E-3 as a member of the 1972 contingent at the flag presentation
Jim had a chance to meet with a few members of E-3 2022 while he
was there.  He is preparing a summary of his discussions which
will be distributed to all when complete.

Also, this would be a good time to "reconnect" with you 2022
"affiliates."  They probably have some good stories to relate about
their activities over the summer.  Please feel free to share what
you learn about your cadets by either blasting an email to all of us
72ers (via E-mail Blast to the Class link
here); or send a note to me
and I will post on the website.

A few photos recently mined from the world-wide web.