Miscellaneous MP3's and PDF's
When I was visiting with Bill and Sheila Miller in Punta Gorda last month, Bill a
song, I had no recollection of the words, the melody........anything.

Well, true to his word, Bill reconstructed all of the lyrics and sent them to me.
Once I saw them, I remembered the song and the melody.  

So, with apologies to those of you who have good voices, I recorded the song
using my original voice and 2 "pitch shifted" harmonies (although when you
hear it, you will see there is very little in the way of harmonizing).

Because the song is ....how did Bill put it ....... "not politically correct," I must
post the following warning:
E-3 Company Song - Audio File

Or, you can download Bill's perfectly reconstructed lyrics here (and save your
ears the pain of listening to me try to sing):

E-3 Company Song - Lyric Sheet