Virtual Grant Hall
CDT Katie Kettering, E-3,
CDT Jev Valles, E-3, 2012
CDT Hannah Burgess, E-3, 2012
Chuck Coleman
Jim Barnes
Rolly Dessert
Bill Harlan
Reggie Sterns
Bill Wightman

In order to demonstrate the utility of "The Supe's Fund" (to
which our 40th Reunion Class Gift is to be awarded), CDTs
Valles and Burgess each offered a short Powerpoint
presentation on how the fund has benefitted them.  Click
below to download and view each presentation:
Members began discussing details of the upcoming to
establish the number of us who plan to attend the Following
these exceptional presentations, the Class of '72 reunion.  
That survey is complete anfd available HERE.

The next Virtual Grant Hall (#8) will be scheduled late 4th
Quarter, CY2011.
the E-3 Company Historian - and MAJ Jeff Pickler - E-3 Tac -
join us for the meeting.
Katie provided Powerpoint presentation update to some
things that are going on with cadets in the Company.  You
can see the slides of her  presentation
HERE.  Katie also told
us about the new E-3 Facebook page, found
HERE and on
Links page (you must have a Facebook account to

We also had a three (3) "first time participant" classmates:  
John Johnson, Mike Jones and Bill Miller.  Each filled us in
on his current "situation" - all three (3) are doing extremely
well, personally and professionally (except for John - his
"profession" is sailing around the Caribbean!!).

Additionally joining us was Greg Gorzelnik, Puck's "little"
year.  He told us a bit about his sister, Avis (married to our
classmate Doug Merkl) and his Mom.  Greg also committed
to working with Big C and the rest of us to ensure that a
proper AOG obitutry for Puck is complete and published in
time for the 40th reunion.

E-3 '73 and current USMA Superintendent join us for the
entire VGH!!  In addition to reassuring us all that E-3
continues its proud tradition, Dave shared some of his
memories of our class.  He also emphasized the importance
of our Class Gift - $3M for the Superintendent's Endowment
- to be delivered at the 40th Reunion next year.  Dave
described for us how the "Supe's Fund" is used to enhance
the Cadet experience and how WP's status continues to
increase in all areas  --  academics, sports, status &

The next VGH - #7 - will be scheduled for mid-late
September.  At that event, we will begin nailing down
reunion details: transportation, lodging, etc.  Check back to
the website often for details.
Katie Kettering from West Point.  MAJ Picker is the current E-3
Tac and CDT Kettering is the Company Historian.  They the
Company and the Corps.  

Additionally, CDT Kettering presented a short Powerpoint
presentation on the E-3.  You can download the presentation
here.  If you don't have Powerpoint on your PC, you can
download the same presentation in video (AVI) format here.  
Lastly, CDT Kettering provided a lsit of all cadets in E-3 with
their hometowns (see the list here).

CDT Kettering - in her role as Company Historian - is soliciting
memorabilia to include in her growing, I mean
historical,,,,,files.  If you have any unique photos, documents
or memories please send them to her at

Also, you can reach MAJ Pickler, the Company Tac at

Paul LaBonte aslo briefed us on a "salt water intrusion"
project he had worked on a few years ago.  Paul was kind
enough to forward me a copy of an article he wrote on the
subject for The Military Engineer magazine.  You can read the

Our next Virtual Grant Hall Coffee Klatch (VGH #6) will be
scheduled in 2Q11 (April - June).  Details will be posted on
this page, so check back often.

VGH #4 has come and gone, and it was GREAT!!  
Cericola was a most unique individual.  Additionally, we the
other in a skating accident; that Hoot has rubbed elbows
with the likes of Jim Varney (Ernest P. Worrell) and Billy Bob
Thornton; that Johnny Mac's son is a proud member of the
Cericola was a most unique individual.  Additionally, we
makeover, with all the cabinetry done by him; that Rolly still
manages to gather the entire clan together periodically for
dinner.  There was lots of other information passed between
and among the participants.

Some very specific items came out of VGH#4:

1.  The Class is locked into the Northern Illinois Game
weekend for our 40th Reunion (13-16 Sep 2012).  Hoot
Gibson gave an impassioned plea for MAXIMUM E-3
participation at the event.  He even volunteered to assist in
coordinating E-3 activities for the weekend.

2.  We must endeavor to complete official AOG obituaries for
Ralph and Puck prior to the 40th reunion.  Big "C" has
volunteered to collect input from all and prepare the first
MEMORIAM link on this website to submit their memories of
our late classmates.

3.  The next Virtual Grant Hall (VGH) Coffee Klatch will be
scheduled after the New Year.
Our third VGH Coffee Klatch - like the first two - was a
resounding success.  Those in attendance shared stories of
photos of family.

Of particular note, I was thoroughly impressed with the
cabinet making skills of Bill "The Count" Wightman.  He
shared photos of a number of finely crafted peices.  Bravo,

Unfortunately, we were unable to have any current E-3 cadet
their attendance at VGH Coffee Klatch No. 4 that will occur
after Labor Day.
on Wednesday, 13 January 2010. at 1900 hrs (7:00PM).

On-line for the event were Jimmy Barnes, Lou Canonico,
Chuck Coleman, Rolly Dessert, John Featherstone, Bill
Harlan, Reggie Sterns, and Bill Wightman.  "C," Rolly and
Feather shared some photos of their families (see below) and
everyone waxed eloquent on what they've been up to for
nearly 40 years!  
The next VGH i sbeing planned for Spring (May/June) time
period.  Details will be posted on the website, and an email
will be sent to all.
Some photos shared by Big "C" are HERE.

Some photos shared by Rolly are

January 2010.  I will be polling all again to see if we can nail
down a better time that will foster greater participation.

See comments below from some of the attendees:
Phone: 407-654-0604
Grant Hall meeting yesterday. It was great to reconnect with Chuck,
Bill H, Jim, and Craig. I enjoyed hearing about each guys family and
Just a note to let each of you know how much I enjoyed the Virtual
careers. It almost seemed like it hadn't been 37 years. Such are the
strength of the bonds we formed at USMA. Special thanks to each of
you for making the opportunity possible. I anxiously await the next
virtual experience and hope even more of the E-3'ers join us.


To:  <>
cc:  "Dessert, Rolland [USA]" <>, Bill Harlan
Subject:  Comments on Today's Web Conference

Chuck:  I thought the Virtual Grant Hall web conference went great
today, especially for the first one.  It sounded like Craig and Reggie
each had just a little confusion dialing into Net Meeting but that’s a 1-
time thing; once you’ve dialed in you quickly get the hang of it and the
next time it’s not a problem.  I think the conversations went well.  
Everyone seemed pretty relaxed, like they were having a good time.  I
don’t have any good suggestions on how to make future calls go better
other than what you’ve already suggested:  everyone have some
pictures (family, etc.) ready to put up on their screen as pictures
generally bring out more discussion.  So I’ll seriously try to get some
good family pictures together for the next web conference in January.  
But I think it went great and thank you for pulling this all together.  
Take care  --  Jim.  P.S.  I forwarded Rolly’s link to Craig
and Reggie.  I’m sure they’ll each get a kick out of it.  Thanks again.
09/15/2009 11:43 AM
To:  <>

Big C, That was wonderful.  Many thanks.  Bill

Bill Harlan
County Litigation Attorney
Tel  352/374-5217
Fax 352/374-5216
Our Virtual Grant Hall (VGH) Redux on November 13th was another
Reunion.  CDT John Williams, Firstie and Company E-3 Historian gave us a
brief update on the Academy and E-3 activities.  He discussed the new
barracks under construction (Schwarzkopf Barracks) and the steps the acadey
has had to take to accommodate the build - like packing 3 and 4 cadets into 2
and 3 person rooms.  And the noise!!!!!!!  
Mr. Williams also briefed us on the status of the Company, including a detailed
discussion of the E-3 Memorabilia case on display in the Company area.
Rolly briefed  on the status of the Class Gift and our goal of having a prominent
position in the entrance to the Visitor Center.

Chuck reminded the members of the next Mini Reunion in New Orleans, LA.  
He also told attendees to be on the lookout for a Class Survey to establish a
location for the 2016 Mini Reunion (Chicago? Milwaukee? St. Louis?).

Lastly, Chuck promised that the VGH's will resume on a more regular basis -
too long between chats with friends.

The second of our new VGH's occurred on Sunday, 16 Aug 2020.   
We had a nice turnout.  For those of you who missed it, here is
the link to see the recording of that event (click on link):

Video of VGH #2, 16 Aug 2020

And the video of VGH #1 can still be viewed here:

Video of VGH #1, June 2020
VGH (#4) was held on Sunday, 20 December 2020.  Complete video of the
VGH can be seen here:


VGH (#3) was held on 18 October 2020, and was (save for a few
technical audio glitches experienced by Jim "Sparky" Barnes) a
great success.  We were fortunate to have Alyssa Chelleraj and
Luke Davey, our two (2) affiliated Class of 2022 coordinators, on
the Zoom call.  Alyssa and Luke brought us up-to-date on the
impact of the pandemic on them individually, as well as on the
Company, the Class and the Corps.  They also identified several
E-3 cadets who have distinguished themselves athletically and
academically this year.

We also learned that Tom Correll, the Company Tac, has been
promoted to Major and is on paternity leave after the birth of his
3rd child, daughter Mave.  For those who might wish to send a
congratulatory note on both the promotion and the new daughter,
Tom's address is: 315 S Moore Loop Apt E, West Point, NY 10996.

For those unable to attend VGH #3, a video of the entire meeting
can be seen here: #3
The first VGH of 2021 is over.  We had a good turnout: Barnes, Canonico,
Coleman, Dessert, Featherstone, Harlan, Johnson and Labonte.  
Additionally, in attendance was CDT Lexi West, current E-3 PAO/Historian
and most recent past E-3 Company Commander.  CDT West updated us
on "The Corps and E-3 in the Era of Covid."  She provided great
information - especially when reporting on the Company status in the
Corps competition standings (athletics, academics and military).  E-3
continues to excel under the watchful eyes of MAJ Tom Correll and SFC
(soon-to-be-MSG) Eric Engstrom.  You can watch the video of last night's
VGH by clicking on the link below.

VGH #2021-1, 17 Feb 2021